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Structure Health & Wellness is your one-stop solution. We work with a wide variety of companies to develop and launch their own independent line of products. For over 4 years, Structure Health & Wellness has been key in the formulation and launch of leading, hemp-based brands. We can help with formulation, manufacturing, product design, branding, and education.

Our team is comprised of an on-staff compound pharmacist, plant advocates, and compounding experts with vast experience in producing systemic, topical, and edible formulations. Our products are rigorously tested by an accredited, 3rd party lab to ensure the highest standards of safety, consistency, and potency.

Private Label Provider Formulation & Manufacturing Product Design & Branding

We are proud to assist in building some of the most noticed hemp brands in the industry. Our team of product formulators, graphics designers, and web development professionals can help bring your product idea to life. From branding to final product, we’ve got you covered.

At Structure Health & Wellness, we consider education a fundamental principle in everything we do. Whether you’re an industry veteran or are looking to learn more, we can provide guidance based upon aggregated anecdotal evidence supported by several years of customer experiences, testimonials, and interaction.